A big Active Floor update – WEBmonster 3.0

Soon, Web system version 3.0 which is a big Active Floor update of our online universe is going to be released. At the moment, it goes under the name of WEBmonster 3.0.

Our developers are working at top speed! It is going to be a big update containing many new possibilities and features.

We want to give you a taste of the 5 greatest improvements right here.

1. 1. Preview and overview

Working ‘in the dark’ is at an end. In the new update, it is going to be even easier to get an overall view of how your game content is going to look on the floor. The new update provides you with a preview of your game before you upload it to the floor.

Simple, manageable and extremely user-friendly.

A big Active Floor update

2. Playlists

Playlists, put simply, are collections of games. Say goodbye to the hassle of the old folder structure in the menu on the floor. For the future, you can easily and simply add your (new) games to one or more playlists. You probably already know of this system from your preferred music or streaming service (iTunes, Spotify etc.). Now you can create your own playlist (e.g. “Fractions”) and add all the games that you want. Similarly, you can easily add other people’s games to your playlist.

It will be even easier to tailor the floor to your needs.

A big Active Floor update

3. Share your games with your colleagues – all around the world

When you share your knowledge and way of teaching, you can contribute to further the discussion and reflection, no matter if the sharing of knowledge takes place in the same room or on the other side of the world. Because of this, we are going to make it even easier for you and other users of Active Floor to share game content with others around the country and on a global scale.

A single ‘click’, and the game is accessible for everyone who might wish to use it.

A big Active Floor update

4. ’Follow’ and get ‘followers’

Do you think that that teacher, Mary, who works at the school in the next town over, makes some really great maths games? Would you like to know when she has made a new game? Soon you will be able to. Yes, you can even get followers and recognition for the game content you make.

Follow as many as you would like and get inspired and motivated by others.

5. Never EVER ‘copy’ again!

Do you difficulty finding your way around the library of games? Are you tired of hearing the word ‘copy’ all the time? Let’s be honest, as it is now, the library of games does not appear very well-arranged – but soon it will be! Soon, you can create new games from scratch without having to copy the game template you wish to use.

Now, the end of copying has arrived for good, and it is time for the beginning of originality!

3 nye active floor spil

3 new Active Floor games

A big Active Floor update