Movement in the classroom and in nursery schools

For many years, kids have been asked to sit still when they have been taught to read, write and do math – but today we know that bringing in movement over the course of the day can further kids’ learning, motivation and their well-being at school.

With an interactive floor from Active Floor, the children and students get an equal approach to auditive, visual and kinetic learning. Active Floor creates greater interactivity and makes it possible to strengthen the collaboration and communication in the classroom.

The learning games with content for maths, language arts and science provide you, as a teacher, with plenty of opportunities to integrate movement and ‘fun’ in the teaching of both small and big kids – and you can even make your very own game content. When you work with movement and gamification, you catch the students’ attention in a whole new way while you bring in the learning targets of the individual subjects.

Play and learning for children with special needs

With the help of Active Floor’s interactive floor, you can easily include movement, body awareness, language, play and learning in everyday life in a fun and entertaining way. It has to be fun to learn!

In special education settings Active Floor’s interactive games challenge childrens’ motor skills and senses, and they support the childrens’ joy in using their bodies. When you work with movement and gamification, you catch the students’ attention in a whole new way while you stay focussed on their general education.

ActiveFloor makes it possible…

  • to make physical activity a natural part of the childrens’ everyday life.
  • to help stimulate children’s language.
  • for the children to develop their understanding of numbers, letters and symbols.

At the same time, you create the possibility of incorporating IT and learning in everyday life in a natural way – in a fun way.

Joy in children’s hospital

Research shows that kids get well faster if they get out of the hospital bed and use their bodies. At the same time, it is important that their stay in hospital includes positive and entertaining experiences.

Use Active Floor in the treatment process

Active Floor can be used both directly and indirectly in the treatment process. In rehabilitation, Active Floor can be an entertaining element in the various exercises.

In addition to this, the interdisciplinary staff can use Active Floor indirectly in treatment, as using the floor provides a possibility to assess the patients in a setting which is isolated from the hospital bed.

Fill out the waiting time for the patients, their friends and relatives

Active Floor is developed to be used across all age groups. It is therefore ideally suited to fill out the waiting time that both patients and relatives might encounter during a hospital stay. At the same time, Active Floor can serve as a sanctuary for patients and relatives where they can join in social activities, meet other families across wards and share experiences.

Additionally, the games with subject-related content can function as teaching material for chronically ill kids who have difficulty following the education at their own schools.

You can find Active Floor in the paediatrics units of Danish hospitals. Here, the floor contributes to:

  • make the kids’ stay at hospital pleasant and entertaining
  • get patients to move and make sure that they are not physically passive
  • provide nurses and doctors with a more nuanced clinical picture of patients

See the opening of TrygFonden’s Family House unit where, among other things, Active Floor was tried by Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark >

“In our ward, things that children don’t particularly like happen often. Maybe they have to get pricked in the arm by a needle. They are far away from their friends, and maybe mom and dad are sad. Because of all this, such an interactive floor means a lot to the ward. It creates great experiences and a ray of hope for the children who come here.”

Tone Møller – leading nurse at the ward for children and youths at the hospital, Sydvestjysk Sygehus.

“It is amazing with such a floor. I have been in this ward with Allie several times, and I often see the older children walk about restlessly.

I think that especially the older children are going to benefit very much from it.”

Jannie Røn – Mother to a patient at the hospital, Sydvestjysk Sygehus