interactive floor solution

Installation box with a projector and a computer.


Kinect-camera that tracks movement.


Vinyl floor and active playing area.

How the interactive floor solution works

ActiveFloor is an interactive floor where you navigate between and play various educational games by using your feet. Since the beginning, Active Floor has focussed on play and movement as the primary elements in the individual games.

When you buy the interactive floor solution, we will install and assemble it for you. In that way, you do not have to worry about the technical part of it – we will take care of it.

ActiveFloor’s interactive floor consists of three main elements:

  1. A ceiling-mounted installation box with a projector and a computer.
  2. A camera that tracks movement.
  3. A white vinyl floor that makes up the foundation of your interactive playing area.

Place the interactive floor in a room or hallway occupied by the children, and derive full advantage of the floor.

The ActiveFloor installation kit consists of:

  • Vinyl floor (3x4 metres).
  • Wireless keyboard.
  • Hosting with usage report every quarter.
  • 16:10 projector kit.
  • Kinect 2 camera.
  • Installation box & installation materials.
  • PC windows 8/10.
  • Standard speakers.
  • Hotline service agreement with on-site service.
interactive floor solution

Create your own games

You can make your own games via Active Floor’s online platform. Active Floor has created the game templates and the content for the various games – but you can make your very own content too, tailored to various age groups, learning targets and subjects.

Active Floor provides you and your colleagues with a course on how to make your own games. You do not need any particular skills in IT to participate, we only need three hours of your time – after this, you will be ready to create and copy content for your very own interactive teaching.


When logging in, this is the home page you are met by. You can find the login page in the right corner of our menu, on our website.


Here, you can edit the look of the menu on the floor.


Here, you can create a memory game. You have to make one pair at a time – a pair can be made up of two pictures, one picture and a text or a picture and an audio file.

The software

Licence for the software

The software is connected to a unique licence so that your installation and games can be accessed by your users only.

Library of games

In a similar fashion, you are connected to a library of games where we, on a continuous basis, release new content which is aimed at various age groups, learning targets and themes.


The software is also updated continuously with improvements and new game templates.